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“And to never forget that what we have is a once in a lifetime love.” – Kelsey Goodman

It was a long time coming, but through the years it was a refreshing reminder that love always prevails.  I’ve known Chase & Kelsey for the better part of a decade, dating way back to the glorious days of beat up drift cars and monthly car meets in Arizona.  As times progressed we may have changed cars, changed hobbies, and even changed the state in which we call home.  But as times progressed and life moved on and as I sat down with Chase & Kelsey to get an intimate look into their history, it was clear that they were always meant to be.

Leading up to the big day there were some interesting challenges from the very beginning.  I always like to do a walk through of the venue prior to the wedding and in this particular case, one venue change and one “this venue still doesn’t have walls” trip later, that wasn’t exactly possible.  Even the brief ceremony rehearsal was done at nearby Grand Hope Park, so we were coming in fresh and up for anything!

When the day finally arrived it was really a great reminder that it is such a privilege to do the work that we do.  Things started off at The Standard in DTLA and while the guys played the requisite round or two of ping pong, the girls were busy helping Kelsey slip into her gorgeous dress.  As we headed downstairs to help Kelsey be ushered into her arriving Uber Black SUV, a well coordinated effort resulted in an awesome shot of both Bride & Groom in side-by-side elevators, and then we were off.

Arriving at the venue we were so excited to see how fantastic everything had come together.  Chase and Kelsey clearly had their own personal touches laid out in some rather trendy decor that could best be described as artistic and thoughtful, and it was stunning for all to see.  There were tears of emotion, bursts of laughter and love, and electricity in the air throughout the day.  By the time it was over I could not help but be reminded that for all of the things we get caught up with in life, whether material or otherwise, love and happiness are all that really matter.  For those lucky enough to find a once in a lifetime love like Chase & Kelsey, cherish that and hold onto it forever, for it serves at the very least as inspiration for all of us.

I hope all of you can share in their love story and their big day in the pictures and videos below, which I am so excited to finally share.  Thank you so much to my team for your tremendous efforts – Bill, Charles, and Alex – and a special thanks to Chase & Kelsey for trusting us for photo & video coverage of your biggest day.

Director of Photography: Mike Maez
Steadicam Operator: Bill Hunt
First Assistant Camera: Charles Siritho
Second Assistant Camera: Alex Tillman

Photography/Videography – Mike Maez – mikemaez.com
Caterer – Eco Caters, Lauren Sullivan – ecocaters.com
Officiant – Rabbi Barry Tuchman – weddingswithspirit.net
DJ – Tessa Young – djtessa.com
Dessert – Sweet and Saucy Long Beach – sweetandsaucyshop.com
Flowers – The Little Branch – thelittlebranch.com
Photobooth – ITEGphotobooths – itegphotobooths.com

Millwick – marvimon.com/millwick

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Jill & Ted originally approached me with a rather unique request.  They would be traveling to Arizona from Afghanistan to wed amongst the striking desert backdrop with what could possibly be the most drama free wedding scenario anyone has ever asked for.  They were to wed at the Four Seasons Troon North on the patio of the Talavera, a venue we have photographed on numerous occasions, and would tie the knot with just bride, groom, officiant, and photographer in attendance.  There would be no wrangling of families, no lewd acts by crazy uncles, no ipad photography from the guests, not even a bridal party – just the couple to share in each other’s love and company.  I could not think of a better scenario in which to capture a series of stunning portraits for the couple to take home.

Jill & Ted arrived several months prior to their date for a tour of Troon North, where I also met them in person for the first time.  As we talked about the positioning of everything on the small patio area of the Talavera, things got a little complicated in trying to plan for the perfect backdrop, decor, timing, and other details.  To simplify things the couple decided to switch venues to Boojum Tree, a “hidden” garden of sorts in North Phoenix, and perhaps a more intimate space for just the two of them.  Things could not have worked out any better.

When the day finally arrived we did end up with a very small wedding party – but it was still easily one of the most memorable events that I had ever been a part of.  There were times when it was great to step back and capture the smile on Ted’s face or the loving gaze in Jill’s eyes, knowing that they had put together a successful and stress-free day.  We are just honored to have been a part of it all, and hopefully all of those who were not in attendance can relive the emotion and joy through the images we were able to create and capture.  Elopement?  Maybe.  Romantic Getaway?  Definitely.


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